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Wascana Centre - A Place For You!


There is something for everyone in Wascana Centre:

 history, nature, environment, culture, people, animals, fun, serenity and more.




 Winter Fun in Wascana Centre 

Wascana Centre is the perfect place for those looking to get outdoors during the winter months! There is skating, cross-country skiing, tobagganing, snowshoeing, and cleared trails for a walk or run around the lake.


The Regina Ski Club has been busy grooming cross-country ski trails around the Saskatchewan Science Centre and around the Canada Games Athletic Complex. Visit reginaskiclub.com for route maps and trail conditions.


The whole family can enjoy tobogganing at Wascana Hill or Goose Hill, and many walk or run around Wascana Lake every day. If you want to try something new, grab a pair of snowshoes and snowshoe around the lake!


The public skating surface at the marina below the Willow Restaurant is available for use from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, with a heated change facility, washrooms and overhead lighting. The flooded ice is adjacent to the lake and offers a great view of Wascana.


In the midst of the winter fun, Wascana Centre Authority wishes to remind everyone to please stay safe. Obey the “thin ice” signs posted around Wascana Lake and stay off the lake. An underwater aeration system is in operation which weakens and thins the ice in a number of locations.


Coyotes are occasionally observed in the park during the winter months. Coyotes are a natural part of the park environment but as with any wild animal should be treated with cautious respect.  If you are in close proximity to a coyote, raise your hands above your head and yell or clap at the coyote to scare it.  To find out more information on what to do if you encounter a coyote, click here.


And finally, please take care to walk with extreme caution if you need to be on the road.  Vehicles in contact with ice or gravel can create unexpected hazards to both pedestrians and little ones being pulled on their sleds.  Be mindful and keep everyone safe.  



Wascana has many support programs including bench donations

Wascana Centre - Celebrating the Vision

Since 1962, Wascana Centre Authority has endeavoured to enrich the City of Regina with a paradise close to its heart. Please show your support for the Centre by making a charitable contribution. Wascana Centre needs people like YOU!


Wascana Centre Authority just celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2012. To help future generations enjoy Wascana Centre and to continue 'celebrating the vision' for the next 50 years, please consider making a donation today. 


Wascana Centre is on Facebook and Twitter

To celebrate Wascana Centre's 50th Birthday in 2012, we relaunched our presence on Twitter and Facebook. If you haven't already, please join us on social media to stay involved with the activities and up-to-date with the news of Wascana Centre. 'Like' us, 'follow' us, and invite your friends and family to do the same!


Wascana Centre is home to hundreds of events and functions each year. Click here to view a calendar of events showcasing what's happening in the park. To submit an application for a special event, fill out our printable application form, map out your location, scan the documents and submit by email.



Book Your Space 

Wanting to plan your own get-together? Wascana Centre can help with your location needs. We have everything from great outdoor locations ideal for those warm summer days, to beautiful indoor sites for those crisp winter nights. Check it all out here!



Wascana Centre Authority

 Nature in Wascana Centre

Click here to find information about the natural side of Wascana Centre. Learn about school programming and youth involvement, discover the animals that call Wascana home, and understand more about the bird banding and management programs.


Find more information here about the Canada Geese in Wascana Centre, such as where and what to feed them!


Beautiful overlook of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building

See it All! 

Wascana Centre is home to many of the top attractions that bring people from all over North America and the world to the great city of Regina. In the Centre is the Legislative Building, many monuments and sculptures, and the well known Trafalgar Fountain. Wascana is also used everyday for the many multi-use pathways and institutions that are located within. See why Wascana Centre is a place for you!


 Work for Wascana

Come enjoy the exciting working environment at Wascana Centre Authority. Make Wascana a place for you! View the current Employment Opportunities.




Thank-you to Jean-Guy Dauphinais for supplying the amazing photo you see at the top of the website.
See more at Regina In Pictures.


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